update_rdhs_config allows you to update elements of your rdhs config, without having to set it completely via set_rdhs_config. For each config element, provide the new changes required. To update your password, set password = TRUE and you will be asked securely for your new password.

  password = FALSE,
  email = NULL,
  project = NULL,
  cache_path = NULL,
  config_path = NULL,
  global = NULL,
  verbose_download = NULL,
  verbose_setup = NULL,
  timeout = NULL,
  data_frame = NULL,
  project_choice = NULL



Logical for updating your password securely. Default = FALSE


Character for email used to login to the DHS website.


Character for the name of the DHS project from which datasets should be downloaded.


Character for directory path where datasets and API calls will be cached. If left bank, a suitable directory will be created within your user cache directory for your operating system (permission granting).


Character for where the config file should be saved. For a global configuration, `config_path` must be '~/.rdhs.json'. For a local configuration, `config_path` must be 'rdhs.json'. If left bank, the config file will be stored within your user cache directory for your operating system (permission granting).


Logical for the config_path to be interpreted as a global config path or a local one. Default = TRUE.


Logical for dataset download progress bars to be shown. Default = FALSE.


Logical for rdhs setup and messages to be printed. Default = TRUE.


Numeric for how long in seconds to wait for the DHS API to respond. Default = 30.


Function with which to convert API calls into. If left blank data_frame objects are returned. Must be passed as a character. Examples could be: data.table::as.data.table tibble::as.tibble


Numeric for project choice. See authenticate_dhs for more info.