An function that takes an input taxonomic name, checks against taxonomic database, returns vector for use in database queries, as well as warnings if the name is invalid.

taxonRectification(taxName = NULL, datasources = NULL)



A string that, ideally, is a taxonomic name


A vector of taxonomic data sources implemented in gnr_resolve. See the Global Names List for more information.


A string with the closest match according to gnr_resolve, and a list of taxonomic data sources that contain the matching name.


# Inputting taxonomic name and specifying what taxonomic sources to search
  taxName = "Buteo buteo hartedi",
  datasources = "National Center for Biotechnology Information"
#>            Input Name           Best Match
#> 1 Buteo buteo hartedi Buteo buteo harterti
#>         Searched Taxonomic Databases w/ Matches
#> 1 National Center for Biotechnology Information