Contributions to skimr whether in the form of bug fixes, issue reports, new code or documentation improvement are welcome. Please use the github issue tracker. For any pull request please link to or open a corresponding issue in the issue tracker. Please ensure that you have notifications turned on and respond to questions, comments or needed changes promptly.

Understanding the scope of skimr

Skimr solves a very specific set of problems focused on the compact, flexible and useful display of summary data in the console. By itself it is not intended as a replacement for packages that create publication ready tables. The basic concept is that of “skimming” a data frame or tibble to get an overview of the data it contains. One intended group of users is students in a first semester statistics class. As such, the package is focused on data types that are widely used. One general guideline is that if a data type is not found in the datasets package it will not be directly supported in skimr. Fortunately, the skim() function is a generic which means that rather than add to the core package you can write your own implementation for specialized classes of data and for objects that are not data frames. Please read the vignette “Supporting additional objects” that provides documentation of how to do this.


Skimr uses testthat for testing. Please try to provide 100% test coverage for any submitted code and always check that existing tests continue to pass. If you are a beginner and need help with writing a test, mention this in the issue and we will try to help.

Pull requests

Pull requests should be against the develop branch not the master branch. You can set this when creating your pull request. Please make a separately named branch to submit. Keep each branch for a complete specific issue. If you create a pull request by editing in the github web editor and you end up with multiple pull requests, note that in your issue comments.

Code style

Please use snake case (such as skim_v) for function names.
Besides that, in general follow the tidyverse style style for R.

Code of Conduct

When contributing to skimr you must follow the code of conduct defined in