Search the Pangaea database

pg_search(query, count = 10, offset = 0, topic = NULL, bbox = NULL,
  mindate = NULL, maxdate = NULL, ...)



(character) Query terms. You can refine a search by prefixing the term(s) with a category, one of citation, reference, parameter, event, project, campaign, or basis. See examples.


(integer) Number of items to return. Default: 10. Maximum: 500. Use offset parameter to page through results - see examples


(integer) Record number to start at. Default: 0


(character) topic area: one of NULL (all areas), "Agriculture", "Atomosphere", "Biological Classification", "Biospshere", "Chemistry", "Cryosphere", "Ecology", "Fisheries", "Geophysics", "Human Dimensions", "Lakes & Rivers", "Land Surface", "Lithosphere", "Oceans", "Paleontology"


(numeric) A bounding box, of the form: minlon, minlat, maxlon, maxlat

mindate, maxdate

(character) Dates to search for, of the form "2014-10-28"


Curl options passed on to crul::HttpClient()


tibble/data.frame with the structure:

  • score - match score, higher is a better match

  • doi - the DOI for the data package

  • size - size number

  • size_measure - size measure, one of "data points" or "datasets"

  • citation - citation for the data package

  • supplement_to - citation for what the data package is a supplement to


This is a thin wrapper around the GUI search interface on the page Everything you can do there, you can do here.

See also


if (FALSE) { pg_search(query='water') pg_search(query='water', count=2) pg_search(query='water', count=20) pg_search(query='water', mindate="2013-06-01", maxdate="2013-07-01") pg_search(query='water', bbox=c(-124.2, 41.8, -116.8, 46.1)) pg_search(query='reference:Archer') pg_search(query='parameter:"carbon dioxide"') pg_search(query='event:M2-track') pg_search(query='event:TT011_2-CTD31') pg_search(query='project:Joint Global Ocean Flux Study') pg_search(query='campaign:M2') pg_search(query='basis:Meteor') # paging with count and offset # max is 500 records per request - if you need > 500, use offset and count res1 <- pg_search(query = "florisphaera", count = 500, offset = 0) res2 <- pg_search(query = "florisphaera", count = 500, offset = 500) res3 <- pg_search(query = "florisphaera", count = 500, offset = 1000)"", list(res1, res2, res3)) # get attributes: maxScore, totalCount, and offset res <- pg_search(query='water', bbox=c(-124.2, 41.8, -116.8, 46.1)) attributes(res) attr(res, "maxScore") attr(res, "totalCount") attr(res, "offset") # curl options pg_search(query='citation:Archer', verbose = TRUE) }