Grabs data as a dataframe or list of dataframes from a Pangaea data repository URI; see:

pg_data(doi, overwrite = TRUE, mssgs = TRUE, ...)



DOI of Pangaeae single dataset, or of a collection of datasets. Expects either just a DOI of the form 10.1594/PANGAEA.746398, or with the URL part in front, like


(logical) Ovewrite a file if one is found with the same name


(logical) print information messages. Default: TRUE


Curl options passed on to crul::HttpClient


One or more items of class pangaea, each with the doi, parent doi (if many dois within a parent doi), url, citation, path, and data object. Data object depends on what kind of file it is. For tabular data, we print the first 10 columns or so; for a zip file we list the files in the zip (but leave it up to the user to dig unzip and get files from the zip file); for png files, we point the user to read the file in with png::readPNG()


Data files are stored in an operating system appropriate location. Run pg_cache$cache_path_get() to get the storage location on your machine. See pg_cache for more information, including how to set a different base path for downloaded files.

Some files/datasets require the user to be logged in. For now we just pass on these - that is, give back nothing other than metadata.



if (FALSE) { # a single file (res <- pg_data(doi='10.1594/PANGAEA.807580')) res[[1]]$doi res[[1]]$citation res[[1]]$data res[[1]]$metadata # another single file pg_data(doi='10.1594/PANGAEA.807584') # Many files (res <- pg_data(doi='10.1594/PANGAEA.761032')) res[[1]] res[[2]] # Manipulating the cache ## list files in the cache pg_cache$list() ## clear all data # pg_cache$delete_all() pg_cache$list() ## clear a single dataset by DOI pg_data(doi='10.1594/PANGAEA.812093') pg_cache$list() path <- grep("PANGAEA.812093", pg_cache$list(), value = TRUE) pg_cache$delete(path) pg_cache$list() # search for datasets, then pass in DOIs (searchres <- pg_search(query = 'birds', count = 20)) pg_data(searchres$doi[1]) # png file pg_data(doi = "10.1594/PANGAEA.825428") # zip file pg_data(doi = "10.1594/PANGAEA.860500") # login required ## we skip file download pg_data("10.1594/PANGAEA.788547") }