Build an Overpass query

opq(bbox = NULL, timeout = 25, memsize)



Either (i) four numeric values specifying the maximal and minimal longitudes and latitudes, in the form c(xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax) or (ii) a character string in the form xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax. These will be passed to getbb to be converted to a numerical bounding box. Can also be (iii) a matrix representing a bounding polygon as returned from getbb(..., format_out = "polygon").


It may be necessary to increase this value for large queries, because the server may time out before all data are delivered.


The default memory size for the 'overpass' server in bytes; may need to be increased in order to handle large queries.


An overpass_query object


See for explanation of timeout and memsize (or maxsize in overpass terms). Note in particular the comment that queries with arbitrarily large memsize are likely to be rejected.


if (FALSE) { q <- getbb ("portsmouth", display_name_contains = "USA") %>% opq () %>% add_osm_feature("amenity", "restaurant") %>% add_osm_feature("amenity", "pub") osmdata_sf (q) # all objects that are restaurants AND pubs (there are none!) q1 <- getbb ("portsmouth", display_name_contains = "USA") %>% opq () %>% add_osm_feature("amenity", "restaurant") q2 <- getbb ("portsmouth", display_name_contains = "USA") %>% opq () %>% add_osm_feature("amenity", "pub") c (osmdata_sf (q1), osmdata_sf (q2)) # all objects that are restaurants OR pubs }