Download the latest station locations and metadata and update internal databases that support the use of get_current_weather get_ag_bulletin and get_historical_weather. There is no need to use this unless you know that a station exists in BOM's database that is not available in the databases distributed with bomrang. In fact, for reproducibility purposes, users are discouraged from using this function.



Updated internal databases of BOM station locations and JSON URLs


If ASGS.foyer is installed locally, this function will automatically check and correct any invalid state values for stations located in Australia. If ASGS.foyer is not installed, the function will update the internal database without validating the state values for stations by reported longitude/latitude location.


Station location and other metadata are sourced from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) webpage, Bureau of Meteorology Site Numbers:


Adam H. Sparks,


if (FALSE) { update_station_locations() }