Manage cached bomrang satellite imagery files with hoardr.


The default cache directory is
file.path(rappdirs::user_cache_dir(), "R/bomrang"), but you can set your own path using manage_cache$cache_path_set()

manage_cache$cache_delete only accepts one file name, while manage_cache$cache_delete_all does not accept any names, but deletes all files. For deleting many specific files, use
manage_cache$cache_delete in an lapply type call.

Useful user functions

  • manage_cache$cache_path_get() - get cache path

  • manage_cache$cache_path_set() - set cache path

  • manage_cache$list() - returns a character vector of full path file names

  • manage_cache$files() - returns file objects with metadata

  • manage_cache$details() - returns files with details

  • manage_cache$delete() - delete specific files

  • manage_cache$delete_all() - delete all files, returns nothing


if (FALSE) { # list files in cache imagery <- get_satellite_imagery(product_id = "IDE00425", scans = 1, cache = TRUE) manage_cache$list() # delete certain database files manage_cache$delete("file path") manage_cache$list() # delete all files in cache manage_cache$delete_all() manage_cache$list() # set a different cache path from the default manage_cache$cache_path_set("~/tmp") }