List available metadata formats from various providers.


md_listmetadataformats(provider = NULL, identifier = NULL, fuzzy = FALSE, seconds = 3)


The metadata provider.
The OAI-PMH identifier for the record. Optional.
Do fuzzy search or not (default FALSE). Fuzzy uses agrep.


List metadata formats for the data sources from the OAI-PMH list, and others not on that list, including PMC, DataCite, Hindawi Journals, Dryad, and Pensoft Journals.


# List metadata formats for a provider md_listmetadataformats(provider = "dryad")
metadataPrefix schema metadataNamespace 1 oai_dc 2 rdf 3 ore 4 mets
# List metadata formats for a specific identifier for a provider md_listmetadataformats(provider = "pensoft", identifier = "10.3897/zookeys.1.10")
identifier metadataPrefix schema metadataNamespace 1 10.3897/zookeys.1.10 oai_dc 2 10.3897/zookeys.1.10 mods
# Fuzzy search md_listmetadataformats(provider = "biology", fuzzy=TRUE)
get_df.repo_name 1 AnimalPhysiology-LivestockSystems 2 Aphasiology 3 Archives of Clinical Microbiology 4 International Journal of Cell & Molecular Biology 5 Wildlife Biology Practice More than one match found for provider ' biology '! Enter row number of provider (other inputs will return 'NA'): Input accepted, took provider ' Aphasiology '.
metadataPrefix schema metadataNamespace 1 oai_dc
md_listmetadataformats(provider = "AnimalPhysiology-LivestockSystems")
Connection timed out - try larger seconds arg, or url may be down