rImpactStory, v0.05

ImpactStory provides metrics on a range of academic products, not just publications. ImpactStory derives metrics from GitHub, Delicious, StackOverflow, among others (see below for a full list).

About the package

This package provides a way to programmatically retrieve altmetric data from ImpactStory for a range of academic endavours with the appropriate identifer.

New to the idea of altmetrics? Here are a couple of articles worth reading:

Installing rImpactStory

The package is now available on CRAN. To install:
If you would prefer a more up to date version, install directly from our GitHub repository. First you'll need to install the devtools package. The package now requires an API key so be sure to email team@impactstory.org to obtain one.
then install the package directly from GitHub.
install_github('rImpactStory', 'ropensci')
The new version of ImpactStory's API also requires an API key. Email team@impactstory.org to obtain one. Then either add it to your .rprofile as:

    options(ImpactStoryKey = "YOUR_KEY")

Who provides metrics for ImpactStory?

> IS_providers()
Impact Story currently provides metrics on the following data providers:
bibtex citeulike crossref dataone delicious dryad facebook github mendeley plosalm pubmed scienceseeker scopus slideshare topsy webpage wikipedia
[1] ""



[1] ""
# ... results truncated

# You can also get this as a nicely formatted tabular format

IS_providers(as.df = T)

# and save that to disk using

write.csv(IS_providers(as.df = T), file = "ImpactStory_providers.csv")

about_IS() # Will get you the current version of the API

# As always, you can request a flat file friendly format

about_IS(as.df = TRUE)
write.csv(about_IS(as.df = TRUE), file="About_Impact_Story.csv")

Metrics on individual objects

For a detailed explanation of all the sources and metrics queried by ImpactStory, please read their faq. (scroll down to which metrics are measured?)
# Metrics on a github repository
metrics('karthikram,rtools', nspace = 'github')
# metrics on a paper
# metrics on a figshare object

Metrics on collections

# It's also easy to download metrics on existing collections

Creating collections

This functionality is not ready yet and will be released with the next version of the package.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.